Text of original site------Started August 2000------ BROKEN HEART FIX----GET YOUR ONE AND ONLY, ONCE IN A LIFETIME, FOREVER TRUE LOVE, BACK (to a degree).......This is a serious attempt to give the broken hearted the feeling of again being IN THE PRESENCE of the one they love.------------After 3 years of dating other girls, then 5 years of lonely desperation, I began to sculpt a lifesize model of my ex-girlfriend's head. When she became recognizable, suddenly I had the feeling that I was IN HER PRESENCE. (This was also the moment I snapped out of my depression and got my self confidence back.) I worked for many months making it quite detailed- a wig, false eyelashes, lifelike eyes, freckles...I had the greatest time making it, but after it was done, I often forgot to notice it was there. .........Therefore, I decided I needed to build a "living" robot in her image, with her voice and personality. Then I could interact with her. I planned to make it as sophisticated as I possibly could. I bought a lifesize plastic skeleton from a university medical bookstore, which only needed an inch added to the femurs to be nearly perfect in every dimension, and built this armature to make a total body sculpture. I was lucky enough to get my ex to contribute measurements, photographs, even trace the outlines of her hands.......Before I got too far though, the complexity and time needed to make a walking talking android was making me frantic.  ...Which led me to what follows, and WHAT THIS SITE IS ABOUT ..............................................   THE BEST CURE I HAVE FOUND FOR A BROKEN HEART IS A SIMPLE DRAWING OF YOUR EX ON A PIECE OF CARDBOARD, LIFESIZE, RECLINING, AND LOOKING INTO YOUR EYES...................It's effective because a reclining person is naturally motionless, therefore, movement is not missed. Laying down with her automaticly implies intimacy, you can totally relax and dream..... It's lifesize. That's what gives you a feeling of a "presence".......The day will come when you can buy a robot, android, bio-engineered- however they'll make them replacement of your ex, but untill then, this works for me. When I lay down and look into her eyes-BANG!- I'm in another world. It's powerfull medicine and you have to take it sparringly. After all, it's only an illusion, and someone laying there doing mostly nothing does get boring after a while, but when I need her, she ALWAYS comes through. Lifesize standing 2D images of your ex like the ones of media stars you can buy are also worth making, but they are not as effective as a reclining image. ........ What if you can't draw? Take a year or two and learn how. It's easier than learning to play guitar or calculus. Draw it with a pencil, and just keep making adjustments untill it looks like them and has the attitude you'd like to see. You can ink the lines and add a little color later if you want. Draw it on a piece of corrugated cardboard- it's kind of flesh toned, and is stiff enough to lean against the wall your bed is against, or you can support it with a hand. 
Get your One and only, Once in a lifetime, Forever true love, BACK (to a degree...)
Japanese girl robot 
Honda ASIMO Humanoid Robots 
Sony AIBO Robot Dog 
Blade Runner My Living Doll
Ruth -"Shore Leave"  (STAR TREK)
          ------The Turing test, proposed in the 1950's, suggests that when you have a conversation with a virtual person, and you can't tell if it's a computer or a real person you are talking to- It has just passed the Turing test. Yearly, the Loebner Prize is awarded to the chatbot that comes closest to passing the test. - In 2014 a chatbot named Eugene Goostman passed the test for the first time . You can make your own custom chatbot. 
   August 8, 2002  New software that lets you upload pictures and voice , renders the subject in animated 3D and syncronizes their voice to- mouth, face movement, emotion...and may let you integrate a chatbot- .......................     .HAPTEK
Sony Humanoid Robot
      You might want to try this- make coppies (MAKE COPPIES! Don't ruin all your photos!) of all the  pictures of your ex, cut out their heads and put doublestick tape on the backs of the heads. Place them in certain magazines ;)    If you find one that works to your satisfaction, print that head in different sizes, and print it reversed too. I don't think it's an original idea-
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Toyota Partner Humanoid Robot
   Get the Sims game. You can recreate yourself and your Ex using it's face adjusting  tools.  date, get married, buy a home, have a life. 
Lifesize Dolls
 There's a large selection. You can find one that looks somewhat like your ex, then as needed,  modify eye color,- hair color and style with a wig. Dolls like the ones shown have a thick soft vinyl face, which can be sculpted to look more like your Ex, by reshaping with sandpaper. And it's a  love doll, which is a big bonus. Real Doll, for example, offers more than 16 faces and 10 bodies, which you can mix and match.
I've been talking since this ad in Rolling Stone, 1983
"I dated a robot!"  ...Futurama
This is a pic from the day I finished her. Her hair is still messy, with oil from the non-drying clay I used to sculpt her. I use this photo only because it is oblique and doesn't reveal her identity. 
Have a long, wordless conversation with your Ex- anytime you feel like it! 
   You have to learn to draw them maybe.
  Your drawing can be reproduced by you at any time for free. It could be a truely essential step. A doll or robot means money and a home.. You can loose everything including your doll, robot, home. You need to KNOW you can lose everything, and still have everything, right in front of your freekin' FACE.

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 "Centerfold" - J Geils band.
"I'll Wait" - Van Halenxt.
"Photograph"- Def Leppardadd text.
Actually, since April 2, 1982 in my local paper. 3 months before Blade Runner premiered.here to add text.