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26 episodes aired in '64 '65 on CBS when there were only about 5 or 6 channels on TV.  Like Rachael, Rhoda the robot was created by her "uncle", the the massive  Space Research Center in Los Angeles.    Like Replicants, Rhoda was  created for deployment off-world.  Rhoda's original name was 709, payed tribute to in the naming of the sexy  semi-cyborg "Seven of Nine" in  the tv series Star Trek : Voyager.   Julie Newmar plays Rhoda.. Bob Cummings was no stranger to technology. He learned to fly from Orvile Wright, studied aeronautical engineering at college and was the first licensed flight instructor in the U.S..  
  On The New Bob Cummings Show, 1961-62, he traveled around in his, uh.. flying car.. an  Aerocar,  an actual street legal flying car from that era.
  The I.B.M. 709  Data Processing System computer was probably  the original inspiration for Rhoda's robot name.  It  appeared in the CBS series "Route 66" in the 1961 episode " Sleep on Four Pillows" 
No Robots get shot in this one
CAn Agent 69 doll in a Blade Runner inspired TV comercial.
Then Then, again...